Tournament series Tutorial

Module for calculating and publishing a ranking list for tournaments series.
You can use a module for running a series of tournaments or races of any kind, e.g. F1 season, Ski world cup, your Bridge league...



You and your friends play table football. You meet once a month and play a tournament. But at the end of each year you want to proclaim a winner for that year.

You have made the rules:

  • 12 tournaments will be played
  • 10 points will be gained for the first place
  • 7 points for the second
  • 5 for the third
  • 3 for the fourth
  • 1 for the fifth

The best 10 results out of 12 will be added, and the winner gets a beer:)

Of course, you want your season to be made public on the Internet, where you can check the current results in the table:)

That you can do with tournament series + drupal cms

Tournament series is a module which calculates and publishes the standings for the series or seasons.

After the installing (see read-me) and activating the module, you log in as a chief/main administrator, and an item tournament series (admin/tournaments-series) will be shown on Drupal administrator's Toolbar menu.


Tournament series Rules

For the beginning it is best firs to write in the rules for the season...

Click on the tab "rules"(admin/tournaments-series/rules) and the following screen will open


Now you have to add a new rule, click "Add rules", and the following screen will open

add rules

Under Rule write the name of the rule, e.g.Best 10 of 12. You can leave the Description empty.

Write the Points under each other as agreed.


See the picture

write the Points

Count of ranking options choose 1 because there is one option and that is the 10 best results out of 12. Depending how many options you choose, that many new possibilities will appear.

Ranking options No 1 is visible when there is Count of ranking options on 1, and if you put it on 2, you get two options - Ranking options No 1 i Ranking options No 2 .

For the desired/these rules only one option is enough. Under Rule* from the dropping menu, choose Sum best Result because you have to count/add/sum the best results for each player. Count * write 10 because you want it to sum/add the 10 best results. From leave on 1 because you want it to count/add from the best to 10. If you write 2, it would count/add from the second best (it could be useful in some situations, but not in the above mentioned). Now you have written in everything - see picture

rules option

Click save rules to save the inputs. If you make a mistake, you can always go back and edit your rule.


Now you have to add your series, or season

Click on tab series - see picture


add a new one by clicking on Add series, under Name write the name, e.g. Beer League 2012.

And for rule name choose best 10 of 12 or whatever is the name of the rule you want to use for this series. See picture.


In the end, save everything by clicking on Save series.


Tournament series results

Now that you have the series and the rules for it, you can play the tournaments and write the results in.

Let's say that on the first tournament there were 5 players

player_1 ...player_5

And the ranking for that tournament was

player_4 won the first place
player_1 won the second place
player_3 won the third place
player_5 won the fourth place
player_2 won the fifth place

The first thing to do is to write the players in the players' base. It should be done only once, that is if the player is already in the base, then he doesn't be written in again.

Inserting the players

Inserting the players in the players' base

Click on TAB "Players" (admin/tournaments-series/players), after that by clicking add_players you add new players. See picture


save player and add all the players.

After you added all the players, a list can be seen on Players' tab (see picture)


Now you have to insert the result of the tournament that was played.

On the main tab Tournaments admin/tournaments-series click add tournament.

Name of tournament * is the name of the tournament, we will call it Tournament no 1, and as a series we will choose our Beer League 2012 series. Choose Tournament is played, and below text area ranking will open in which we will insert or copy our ranking from that tournament - picture ranking

After saving, if everything is correct, there will be a message "Ok you inserted tournament to base."


Now the standings should be published on the page.

All the results for each series can be automatically seen on the menu item standings/Id number of series. Id number of series can be seen at tab series and the first column marks ID, in our case it is one so by going to the standings/1 we open the current standings. See picture


Besides publishing on the pages, the blocks are opened that you can position as other drupal blocks on your pages.

All you have to do now is to play all the tournaments and in the above described way insert standings for each, and the tournament series module will do the hardest part of calculating who is on which position, and show your league's standings on web pages through path standings/ID*. ID* - replaces the id of a series. Or in block on DRUPAL page.

I hope you will find this module as useful as it is to me.